Scriba is a great tool for learning Latin.
It features a dictionary, a document reader, and flashcards.


The database contains more than 51 000 entries (paid version), with conjugations and declensions, and definitions from Lewis and Short's Latin-English dictionary. You can also perform a search from an inflexed form.
Search from English to Latin is available, with more than 23 000 entries.


You can add text documents to the app through iTunes File Sharing.
Compatible file formats are rtf, html and pdf
To select a word and have Scriba search its database, you can :
- tap on it for html and pdf files;
- long press for rtf files (experimental).
Note that this functionality is only available, for pdf files, if these files contain selectable text.


Use flashcards to learn new words.
A built-in list of 715 words contains the base vocabulary. You can create your own lists from the dictionary entries.

Privacy policy

Scriba doesn't monitor users or activity. We don't ask for your personal information and there are no usernames or profiles.

Screenshots :

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  • photo d'écran1
  • photo d'écran2
  • photo d'écran3
  • photo d'écran4